Adventures to the other side

Adventures to the other side

2020, Sep 04    

It’s been a long time, I know! The past few months have been a whirlwind of change where I asked my family if it would be okay to break off a little more than I can chew. I decided that it was time to get back to being me and doing the things that I love so much. I decided that I would start down a journey of DevOps and Infrastructure as Code. Anyone who knows me knows that my first thought in the morning and last thought at night is, how can I automate waking up and going to sleep. In finance you hear a lot of talk about active and passive income. Active income is where you must continue to do a task to get paid for that task. An example is any hourly rate work that you can do. Passive income is where you do one thing and you continue to get paid for that one thing over and over. You can never do it again and you could still get paid. A good example of this is writing a book. The way that I see automation is that you can work really hard to automate one thing but then that work is done and when successful, you get to reap the rewards over and over. To me that is like passive income and it is a great feeling when you watch your creation go.

Since this is my passion and the world seems to have finally caught up and surpassed my passion, its time for me to get back to it. I setup to achieve 4 certifications over the next 12 months.
AZ-103 Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-300 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-400 Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

This is going to be a lot of work to get where I want to be but I am up for the challenge and this brings me to why I have been so silent. In the final days of July, I successfully passed the AZ-103!! That was a tough test to study for since it covers so much! It was also tough because it covered a lot of stuff that I personally refused to memorize, like RBAC. I think RBAC is a very necessary thing but I didn’t want to waste my brain power on memorizing something that can easily be googled and that changes so often. Turns out, it was the right choice as I had limited questions and they were over the most common roles. Yay!

Since I past the test, I have not lost any steam going into the next one. I have found that this one is about 60% the same as the last one but much of the remaining 40% are on topics that I have only ever read about. Service Fabric, Function Apps, and Kubernetes are just a few. I know that the exam only covers very basic requirements of each of these but I feel like it is time that I actually get into them so I will be creating new content here as I learn each one of them. In fact, I have already started to learn them and will have to play catch up on the posts. I can’t wait to write about how Function Apps saved me hundreds of dollars because I fell asleep while trying to create hundreds of VMs. Stay tuned for the Function App post cause you are definitely gonna wanna implement the app that saved me there. I will also be writing about the journey to learn Kubernetes but first I had to learn containers. I needed something personal to use as a test so I decided to take this blog out of Wix and move it to Jekyll running in a Docker container running in Azure and orchestrated by Kubernetes. Yeah, I had never played with any of those names before doing this except for Azure. :) So here we go, if you are reading this now that means that the last line is complete and I got everything working!

Stay tuned for more coming soon!