Hi there!

I will be making new posts soon!! Right now I have three main projects going on in my life and from time to time I may post on each of them.

I am currently working towards my Azure AZ-103 certification and am working a lot in Azure from migrating clients to building Windows Virtual Desktop environments.

I also have some other projects going on. Now that I work from home I have a new home office which doubles as my bedroom. Every day I have to open and close 5 blinds and I don't like repeating processes that can be automated so I will be building something to automate the opening and closing of them each day. I started building it with an Arduino and it would turn a servo motor using a photo resistor to detect light. This method seems to be a little too rough as the changes in light vary so much from night to day. I am thinking that I will be changing that over to a mobile app connected to a raspberry pi so I can hit a button. Stay tuned to see where that goes.

One day I was getting coffee and I looked at the coffee creamer container and thought, "Man, I wonder if you can recycle this at home?" I started looking into it and turns out you can. There are multiple types of plastic and only certain ones are safe to do at home. I mentioned this to my daughter who is 10 years old and she absolutely loved the idea. I should have some great posts coming about our journey down this rabbit hole!

I hope that someone finds some enjoyment in something I post and maybe someone will have a problem that they learn the solution to here!

Thanks advanced for your time! Please comment and let me know what you think!